School Features

Hinoki Library ひのき 図書館

The Hinoki Library was established in February 2012 at our former school building.

All work toward establishing the library, both at the former and current school buildings, as well as daily work to manage book loans and returns, has been carried out by parent volunteers in our school community.

The English and Japanese language library books (most of which have been donated by community members) can be checked out by Hinoki students during daily in-school hour visits to the library. Hinoki parents can also visit the library on library operating days (twice a week) to check out books as well. 





Additionally, the Hinoki Library also serves as a multi-purpose space, acting as a meeting area for library, school board, and PTO meetings, an area for school events, and as an after-school space in which students can study and parents can chat and relax.

Unlike many typical public schools, Hinoki provides parents a chance to interact in a unique, culturally diverse setting.

Although book loans and returns are currently managed by hand, the Library is currently working on a more automated system in order to better meet your needs.

We look forward to the patronage of our students and parents!

Please also note that we are always looking for volunteers, so please do not hesitate to talk to a library staff member if you are interested.






Library Hours 2013-2014 図書館貸し出しスケジュール

Please contact office for library hours schedule.

*Parents (checkout by Library Volunteers for parents/staff): parents/staff can visit the Hinoki library during library hours to checkout books, magazines, and other media for their child or family members.

Technology Lab テクノロジーラボ

The Technology Lab ensures students are able to use technology in English and Japanese from a young age. There are online Japanese learning resources as well as online English learning resources available.