About Us 学校概要

Goals 教育目標

Hinoki International School, initially called the Japanese American School of South East Michigan (JASSEM), opened in 2010 to create a global learning community, taking the best practices of both the Japanese and American schools, to give students a nurturing culturally rich learning environment and successful educational experience in both Japanese & English.

Why Choose Hinoki International School?

Research shows that an immersion program is a powerful method of blending two languages and cultures into a school curriculum (Cummins, 2001). Built on both Michigan Department of Education and Japanese Ministry of Education Standards, the Hinoki International School's unique bilingual and bicultural programming promotes high standards of academic achievement while cultivating a positive intercultural outlook in all of its students.
The longer school year, as well as high levels of parent involvement, are integral components of students' success in cultivating skills in both Japanese and English languages and academics. As a public charter school, Hinoki is authorized by the Michigan Department of Education and an authorizing university. It is funded by tax dollars like any other public school, and therefore operates without tuition fees. This opens the school to any family in Michigan wishing to work closely with teachers, students, and a dynamic school community to provide their child with an exceptional education.